Game of the Week

Los Angeles Rams (-4) vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Rams: 15-5, 10-10 ATS

Bengals: 13-7, 13-7 ATS

There is no mistaking that this is a quarterback’s league. The NFL’s biggest showcase event underscores the need to have one of the top signal-callers in the game if you want to play in February.

For the away team, the Rams, playing in their home stadium, Matthew Stafford and company rank fourth in Real Quarterback Rating. For the home team, the Bengals, playing 2,201 miles from their actual home, Joe Burrow and company rank fifth in Real Quarterback Rating.

These two quarterbacks are also two of the best when it comes to pushing the ball down the field. Stafford and the Rams rank second in Real Passing Yds/Attempt, while Burrow and the Bengals rank third. They are also sixth and second in the NFL in Offensive Passer Rating, with Burrow having the edge there.

Where the equality turns between these two teams, and where this game might turn, is on how well both teams defend against the pass. The Rams are fourth in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and fifth in Defensive Passer Rating. The Bengals rank just 18th in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and 17th in Defensive Passer Rating.

There is also a very real concern for the Bengals in keeping Burrow upright long enough to make those downfield passes. They only allowed one sack against the Chiefs, but Burrow was sacked nine times the week before at Tennessee, and now the Cincinnati offensive line has to contend with Aaron Donald and former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, who has seven sacks in his last seven games.

The Bengals have a clear edge at running back, with Joe Mixon leading the way to a 15th ranking in Offensive Rusher Rating, compared to just 26th for the Rams. But can that be enough in a quarterback’s league?

Los Angeles Rams Analysis Cincinnati Bengals
Value Rank Quality Stat Value Rank
10.52 6 Quality Stats Power Rankings 11.76 9
38% 14 Quality Standings 57% 7
13.75 7 Scoreability 13.36 4
15.76 12 Bendability 15.86 10
2.01 9 Intelligence Index 2.50 7
7.28 2 Real Passing Yds/Attempt 7.23 3
6.09 13 Defensive Real Passing Yds/Attempt 6.32 19
91.90 4 Real Quarterback Rating 91.87 5
72.86 4 Defensive Real Quarterback Rating 82.33 18
19.04 5 Real Quarterback Rating Differential 9.54 8
101.66 6 Offensive Passer Rating 106.78 2
84.15 5 Defensive Passer Rating 93.07 17
17.51 5 Passer Rating Differential 13.71 7
9.67 14 Offensive Hog Index 12.00 16
5.00 6 Defensive Hog Index 8.67 12
4.35 8 Relativity Index 3.05 11
7,426 11 Total Team Yards 7,456 10
6,756 10 Total Team Yards Allowed 7,374 23
670 7 Total Team Yards Differential 82 16
89.98 26 Offensive Rusher Rating 99.24 15
103.70 27 Defensive Rusher Rating 99.22 20
-13.72 26 Rusher Rating Differential 0.02 17