Video: Bill Russell wants you to count his rings

Bill Russell, the winningest NBA player in the history of the game, flipped Charles Barkley the bird on live TV last night. Here was his explanation:

But does Russell really dislike Charles so much that he'd willingly give him the finger on a live, nationally televised NBA award show? Maybe. Or perhaps the gesture was intended not for Charles himself, but for the entire NBA organization and the media that covers it. Watch ESPN for one day and come back and answer this question for us: Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? Well, the guys over at Disney would like to have you think there are only two options: Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Not once is Russell ever mentioned in the discussion, which seemingly occurs multiple times a day across sports media platforms all over the country.

Is it possible Russell is feeling a little disrespected? With James making his eighth-straight NBA Finals appearance this year, the GOAT talk has ramped up to a level we didn't think was imaginable, yet Russell, the guy who not only made eight straight NBA Finals appearance but won all eight of them, including 11 total in his career, can't even get his name mentioned in the same sentence as these guys. So was this really a personal attack on Charles Barkley, or was he simply sending the basketball world a reminder that when talking about the greatest ever, don't forget to count Bill's rings?

Either way, it was pretty great. And face it, the man's hands present a compelling case: