VIDEO: Adrian Beltre completely fooled by Fernando Abad's eephus pitch

The Red Sox pitching staff could not take many positives from the Red Sox 8-2 loss to the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night, but one was certainly this pitch by Fernando Abad, who made Adrian Beltre look absolutely silly with this 61 mile per hour pitch. And no, that is not a typo.

The eephus pitch, seldom seen in the majors, is a pitch thrown with extremely low velocity, intended to catch the hitter off-guard. It certainly worked on Beltre, with the likely future Hall of Famer caught off guard so badly that he literally dropped to his knees as the pitch floated in for a called strike.

The at-bat finished with Beltre lining out to short, and he would finish the game 1-for-3 ... and 0-for-1 on a wicked eephus.