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The CHFF Game Capsules and color coded side-by-side team charts highlight statistical advantages and provide an overall summary of how the CHFF Quality Stats stack up every game of the NFL season.


What NFL Experts are Saying

Your site and your people do a great job

- Adam Schefter, ESPN

Guys like (CHFF publisher Kerry J. Byrne) are smart about football and they think about football.

- Peter King, NBC Sports

Cutting-edge analysis

- Allen Barra, The Wall Street Journal

The Cold, Hard Football Facts is an addiction

- Gary V., WRNO, New Orleans

A must-read website for pigskin folk

- Bob Ryan, The Boston Globe

We get a lot of ideas from you guys,

- the late Steve Sabol, NFL Films

Brilliant sports journalism

- Ben Maller, Fox Sports Radio Network

A potty-mouthed new media trailblazer

- David Scott, Boston Sports Review

Stout-hearted geniuses

- Dan Shanoff, formerly of "Daily Quickie" fame and