Premier League Predictions: Breaking down Matchday 1

As The Rock famously said, FINALLY the Premier League is BACK after taking the summer off. Starting Friday, the best and brightest from the English top flight will battle for survival, victory, glory, and an opportunity to hoist the league cup at the end of the season.

Hopefully, all of you have been keeping up with our team previews. We will be getting to your team in due time, just be patient, but we wanted to briefly go over all the games that will be taking place this weekend.

So let's get right into it, shall we?

Manchester United (0-0-0) vs. Leicester City (0-0-0) (Friday, 3:00 PM)

There is no way that Manchester United will lose this game. Regardless of any potential issues United may face down the road, they're playing at home and they're taking on a Leicester side that is still trying to figure out who they are after losing Mahrez over the summer to Manchester City. This will prove to be an easy win for the Red Devils. MANCHESTER UNITED WINS 3-1

Newcastle United (0-0-0) vs. Tottenham Hotspur (0-0-0) (Saturday, 7:30 AM)

This is not an obvious game to pick for us only because we don't know which Tottenham side will make an appearance. Will they burst out of the gate thanks to their strong core, or are they doomed to play down to their competition? On the other hand, will Newcastle be able to block the noise from all the turmoil surrounding their owner Mike Ashley and his relationship with the fans? Well for the sake of this game, we believe the Spurs are in a far better position to win, which they will. TOTTENHAM WINS 2-1

Bournemouth (0-0-0) vs. Cardiff City (0-0-0) (Saturday, 10:00 AM)

Cardiff City is in for a rude awakening as they take on a weathered but sturdy Bournemouth side. Prepare the sirens because we may witness a rout in B-mouth. And that's not because the Cherries are some dominant force or anything, but they might surprise some folks early on this year. We have Eddie Howe's crew winning their first ever opening week match against the hapless Bluebirds. BOURNEMOUTH WINS 3-1

Fulham (0-0-0) vs. Crystal Palace (0-0-0) (Saturday, 10:00 AM)

Now this proves to be a fun match up on paper. Crystal Palace has somehow kept their talisman Wilfried Zaha at least until January, and they've even picked up a few solid pieces over the summer including Jordan Ayew from Swansea just yesterday. Fulham, on the other hand, shot back up to the Prem and went on an expensive spending spree costing over 100 million pounds ($128 million). With that all being said, we think that the Cottagers will win their Premier League return game, thus reigniting one of the loudest fan bases in England. FULHAM WINS 2-1

Huddersfield (0-0-0) vs. Chelsea (0-0-0) (Saturday, 10:00 AM)

This could end up being a trap game for Chelsea. They just lost their superstar keeper Thibaut Courtois and they looked lost and unsure against a supremely dominant Manchester City last weekend. While they are leagues better than the David Wagner led Huddersfield, this may end up being closer than anyone thinks. However, in the end, the Blues will pull out the W. CHELSEA WINS 3-1

Watford (0-0-0) vs. Brighton (0-0-0) (Saturday, 10:00 AM)

To be honest, this is easily the least interesting matchup of the weekend. While every game appears to have a fun little story within it, Watford and Brighton are on the short list of the least exciting or interesting sides in the Premier League. It's nothing personal, but this feels like a match that could easily end up a 0-0 or 1-1 tie. And you know what, 1-1 sounds just about right. Prove us wrong, Hornets and Seagulls! 1-1 DRAW

Wolves (0-0-0) vs. Everton (0-0-0) (Saturday, 12:30 PM)

Now, on the other hand, this could end up being the best game of the entire weekend. These are two hungry sides that are capable of making some noise this season. Everton picked up some exciting talent, especially yesterday, and Wolves look primed to finish close to a Europa League spot just one season into their Premier League resurgence. So call it a copout, but we think that these two will end the day in a stalemate. 2-2 DRAW

Liverpool (0-0-0) vs. West Ham (0-0-0) (Sunday, 8:30 AM)

The new look Hammers from West Ham are probably not thrilled to have to take on a loaded Liverpool side during week one of the new Premier League season. While manager Manuel Pellegrini appears set to work wonders for his new team, we cannot see a way how the Reds will lose this match at home with all the momentum they are currently riding. It's time to believe, Liverpool fans. LIVERPOOL WINS 4-1

Southampton (0-0-0) vs. Burnley (0-0-0) (Sunday, 8:30 AM)

The only reason the Saints may have a chance to force a draw is that they are playing at home and Southampton has some of the best fans in the Prem. But Burnley has already played a few games together, having competed in a couple Europa League contests so far, so we think that they are primed to start out what will be a difficult season well enough to secure the road victory. BURNLEY WINS 1-0

Arsenal (0-0-0) vs. Manchester City (0-0-0) (Sunday, 11:00 AM)

Similar to the situation facing their crosstown rivals, the new look Gunners will need to conjure up a miracle if they have any hopes defeating a Manchester City side that tore Chelsea to shreds last weekend. This will be an easy win for Pep and company, but don't think that this will prove that Arsenal is not a top four club this season. This will just be a small pothole on the Gunners' road back to the Champions League. MANCHESTER CITY WINS 3-1


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