Jon Heyman: Trading Madison Bumgarner is logical for Giants, but the return may not be enough

It is logical for the Giants to listen on Madison Bumgarner since he has only one year to go before free agency and the Giants are unlikely to contend in 2019.

The Giants have been a team that’s aimed to win every year and been very resistant to rebuild. But if ever there was a time to think about it, it would be now that they have a new GM, Farhan Zaidi, who is taking a fresh look and has no emotional attachment to a pitcher he’s seen from afar (actually from the Giants’ main rival). However, the other negative is that the take won’t be as large as one might suspect since he has only that one year to go.


Recall that Chris Sale, who had even better regular-season track record and was younger, brought back a package of four prospects including two big ones in Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech, and that was considered a haul. But understand that Sale had three years to go and Bumgarner has only one.

So think closer to one-third of that big package, which would be nice but less than overwhelming. Perhaps because of that, and other factors, one rival GM says flat out, “I don’t see him being traded.”

Though of course, you never know, and another exec had a good point: “He could probably bring more back as a midseason trade.” That makes sense due to his postseason history, which is as good as anyone’s.

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