Worst Press Conference of the Week: Chuck Pagano is begging to get fired

Chuck Pagano is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. For now. A few more lousy press conferences and he may not be. 

On Sunday, following an absolute spanking at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams in a half-empty Coliseum, Pagano bemoaned his teams performance ... against the 49ers. Yes, sometimes trauma can inspire altered memories, but rarely memories of entirely different teams.

Here's the moment of truth from Pagano's presser: 

To be fair, Pagano only referenced the 49ers once, and he did get the name of uber-youth new Rams coach Scott McVeigh right. But that's not the point. Anyone who is tarred and feathered so resolutely they forget who they just finished playing is clearly not on the ball. 

Note to coach Pagano: Andrew Luck or no, better get that resumé dusted off. Losses and verbal missteps like that don't tend to bode well for long term employment.