Where will LeBron play in 2018-19? Here's a scenario for each of his contenders

The big mystery in the NBA is getting another clue, as it was reported by Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer that LeBron James has four teams that he would consider signing with. Those four teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets, and the Los Angeles Lakers. James will be a free agent after this season and the 33-year-old is still playing at an MVP caliber level. Here's how James could justify signing with each of his four final contenders.

Cleveland Cavaliers: The kid from Akron left his him for Miami beach, but after four years, returned home to the Cavaliers. Now, it is possible for him to stay home and finish his career where it all started. Also, he would still be the king of the Eastern Conference, where he’s almost a lock to go to the finals every year. The Cavaliers did get younger at the trade deadline and general manager Koby Altman showed that he can make moves and get the job done. In terms of basketball and James as a person, it would make perfect sense to resign and finish his career at home.

Philadelphia 76ers: Especially in the back half of his career, James has been known to enjoy the role as the mentor to younger players. He’s enjoyed visiting Kevin Durant in high school, met Kyrie Irving at one of his basketball camps, and was seen giving advice to Lonzo Ball after their first meeting this year. If he went to the 76ers, he would be the big brother to the young stars in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and even Markelle Fultz. Plus, if he goes here, then he would still be playing for the favorite to win the Eastern Conference.

Houston Rockets: It might be hard to accomplish it, but LeBron James has always wanted to become the best player to ever play basketball. The one aspect that Michael Jordon has over James is that he won six championships to James’ three. If he were to go to the Rockets, it would be the ultimate ring chase and chase to pass Jordon for the best of all time. Also, part of the reason he went to Miami was to play alongside one of his best friends in Dwayne Wade. If he goes to Houston, he would play with another of his good friends in Chris Paul. The Rockets would be the move if James wants to win more than anything else.

Los Angeles Lakers: We won’t sugar coat it, but James loves the city of Los Angeles. He has two homes, trains there in the offseason, and it’s arguably the most pristine NBA franchise of all time, the Lakers. Also, James has said this year that he would love to own and NBA team and who would be a better teacher to owning a team than the great Magic Johnson? Off the court, all the pieces fit together, and on the court, it’s all coming together too. Lonzo Ball is playing better as of late, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram have showed they are great, Julius Randle and Josh Hart are good options off the bench, and Paul George might sign there too. Add James to that mix, that team might be a contender in the Western Conference.