VIDEO: It's early, but Mitch Trubisky DOES look good, doesn't he?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's the start of the preseason. Still, Bears rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky was out there making plays on Thursday night, and Bears fans are excited.

Here's the supercut of all Trubisky's highlights from Thursday night's game against the Broncos:

That is a mighty impressive performance from a rookie passer. The kid makes throws on the run. He makes some throws in the gun. He hits running backs in the flat and wide receivers on burn routes and curl outs. He hit just about everyone, and did so almost perfectly. 

Perhaps most impressively, Trubisky made the right progressive reads down the field on almost every snap, which is a remarkable development for a rookie quarterback. 

Naturally, the Bears will start the season with pricey free agent acquisition Mike Glennon under center. That's to be expected, both to ease Trubisky's transition and to pay some form of loyalty to a man who uprooted his family and joined Chicago over plenty other offers. 

Just don't expect Glennon to be the man under center in Week 8 if the Bears are 2-6. At least not if Trubisky shows flashes like he did Thursday night.