The Yankees mocked third base coach Joe Espada's tumble with a CSI outtake

Baseball seasons are long. Really long. 162+ games long. Often times, during these stretches, teams just need to find ways for laughs. The Yankees did it arguably better than anyone this season with third base coach Joe Espada.

Ronald Torreyes hit a ground ball up the middle scoring two runners. Todd Frazier scored easily, but Garrett Cooper's attempt was up in the air. Espada decided to send Cooper, and he did so passionately. So passionately that he fell over and immediately became the laughing stock in the Yankee dugout.

A day after the event, the Yankees still weren't done living up the fall.

Unreal. Now, it's like that a Yankee player had one of the groundskeepers do this for them at their request. Still, that almost makes the inclusiveness behind the stunt even better. Props to the Bronx Bombers on a great prank, and Espada for (apparently) taking it all in stride.