The luckiest invitee at the Warriors championship parade is the guy who got Klay Thompson to sign a toaster

Cameron Smith

Imagine this: You're favorite team, the Warriors, are in a bit of a funk. The team's newest superstar Kevin Durant is injured. Steph Curry and swingman Klay Thompson are still tremendous but suddenly less overwhelming than when paired with Durant. And concerns about the surging Spurs usurping the West's top seed are encroaching on what seemed a procession to a second NBA title in three years. 

What do you do? If you're like Warriors fan Ronnie Reyes, you bring a toaster to an official autograph event and ask Klay Thompson to sign it. Klay Thompson complied, and the rest is history. 

From that moment in March, the Warriors went 31-2 en route to the NBA title. Some have credited Ronnie — who has since identified himself as "Ronnie GSW Toaster" on social media — with the surge. Apparently Klay Thompson is among them, as he reached out to offer Ronnie a personal invitation to be at the Warriors championship parade on Thursday. 

Will Ronnie's annual ridiculous autograph spree become a hallmark of future Warriors teams? To be determined. For now, he's on top of the world. With a toaster.

UPDATE: Here's Ronnie at the parade! On a float!

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