The Capitals parade in D.C. was everything you'd expect it to be and then some

With the way the Washington Capitals have spent the past five days, everybody with a brain knew today's parade would be an all timer. Some highlights from this weekend...

The only times Ovechkin took his hands off the Cup was to pick up a beer. He's been on a bender for the ages and his blood is 98% Bud Light and vodka.

Nothing like a good ol keg stand lapping up beer out of Cup like a dog the way Lord Stanley envisioned.

At the ballgame, Ovi and the Caps were honored by the Nationals by throwing out the first pitch and getting a standing ovation from the fans. Ovi returned the favor by giving Nats fans something to watch besides the sleep inducing Giants-Nationals game.

Even when Ovi finally returned home, he kept on going, belting his heart out to "We Are the Champions" and kicking his wife out of bed to make room for the Cup...

Jakub Vrana had himself a weekend as well. He may have been even more tossed than his captain according to his own Instagram story...

The kid even got a tattoo of the Cup on his arm. Good thing he held up his t-shirt sleeve or else we wouldn't have been able to see how awesome it looks!

According to Devante Smith Pelly, Vrana somehow made it through the past couple of days without slipping into a coma. That's possibly an even bigger achievement than winning the Cup itself.

The final thing to note before getting into the parade is how much these guys are celebrating both as a team and with the Capitals fans. The players have literally been out on the streets of D.C putting on a show for Washingtonians and have very much been in the public eye.

Remember they had won the Cup two days before diving into the fountain and they were still this emotional about winning. 

Ovi looks like he's getting ready for the Summer Olympics with that breath-stroke. Watch out Michael Phelps there's a new comrade in the pool.

After days of throwing down like a high schooler whose parents left for the weekend, the Caps kept the party going into the parade. Ovi had a nice refreshing coffee to clear his head this morning before heading out onto the buses. Just kidding he got wrecked at 7am.

There hasn't been a person to get as messed up after winning a championship in any sport than Ovechkin. There's not a hockey fan out there that'll blame him either. 

Vrana kept his antics up too by dousing the good people of our nation's capital with a beer bath...

Finally, the Caps took center stage on the National Mall and the crowd did not disappoint...

On stage the players gave their fans a show. TJ Oshie pulled out the fan favorite from the Nats game by chugging through his jersey.

Ovi and Tom Wilson were even kind enough to make Australian Nathan Walker feel right at home by flipping him rightside-up.

After everyone on the Capitals was congratulated (and I mean everyone... they even credited the in game replay analyzers) Ovechkin demanded they turn down the Mumford and Suns so he could give one final, passionate, and articulate speech...

MLK had "I have a dream..." JFK had "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," and Lincoln had his 2nd inaugural address. Now, Alexander Ovechkin has "WE'RE NOT GONNA BE F****** SUCK THIS YEAR!!! WE'RE THE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIOOOOOONS! YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" to cement his legacy on the National Mall.

Truly inspiring words of wisdom from an equally epic man.

I think there's a good chance the Caps keep this up throughout the summer. The only thing that's standing in their way is the limited supply of blue Bud Light metal bottles. I don't even know where you can buy those things besides the brewery itself. Something tells us they'll find them, though. They're that committed to partying their life away after finally capturing the Stanley Cup.