The Buzz: We can probably give Ben Simmons the Rookie of the Year award already

It's a long season, but barring a significant injury the NBA's Rookie of the Year chase in 2017 is a one-man show. It's Ben Simmons' to lose, because of wonder plays like these:

Don't get us wrong. We love Jayson Tatum. Love him. Dennis Smith Jr. is a terrific point guard prospect, as even LeBron James is happy to note. 

But Simmons? He's on another level. He should have an outside shot at an All Star selection. He's a freak of an athlete who runs the floor as well as anyone in the league already, and is the best ball-handling big man not named LeBron James. Maybe including players named LeBron James, for that matter. If he doesn't win the Rookie of the Year award, something drastic will have happened. He's that good. 

Let's just all accept that now and run with it. It'll be fun to watch throughout the season.