The Buzz: Star Wars and Star Trek fans decided superiority with a Minor League Baseball dance off

Cameron Smith

If you were going to draw up a peak minor league baseball promotion with both Star Wars and Star Trek fans, this would be it. 

With the AAA Pacific League Fresno Grizzlies hosting Star Wars night, the team welcomed fans in all variations of cosplay get up. Then a bunch of Star Trek fans showed up, and the neighborhood went to pot. 

To sort out their differences, the two sets of fans engaged in a dance battle to determine superiority, with the fans determining the winner. There was only going to be one victor on Star Wars night, but the homestanding crew also had the benefit of a bona fide flip-flopping break dancer repping their side (in a Han Solo outfit, for the record). 

Regardless of the winner and which franchise you prefer, the dancing was solid, so everyone was a winner. We can all agree on that, right?

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