The Buzz: Hofstra pulled off the season's first make-and-miss comeback, and it was perfect

Hofstra delivered one of the first classic college basketball moments of the season on Wednesday. Trailing by three, the Pride had Justin Wright-Foreman at the line for a one-and-one with 5.1 seconds left.

Wright-Foreman drained the first freebie, then attempted to execute the nearly impossible maneuver of intentionally missing the second free throw in such a way that a teammate can deflect the miss out for a shot attempt. It never works. 

For Hofstra it worked perfectly. The ball ended up in the hands of Jalen Ray, who caught the tip beyond the three point arc, set and fired, draining the game-winning trey with 0.9 seconds remaining. 

The play finished as the top highlight on ESPN's SportsCenter and it deserved to. It was the first perfectly executed make-and-miss comeback of the season. Let's all hope it's not the last, because boy are they fun to watch.