The Buzz: Check out the new yo-yo world champion Evan Nagao (yes, that's a thing)

Cameron Smith

You learn something new every day. Today? We learn that there are yo-yo world championships, and the 2017 victor is Evan Nagao.

Never heard of him? We hadn't either, but then we saw his routine and, whoa. The man has skills. Yo-yo skills, to be exact. 

Nagao's routine at the national championships in Chico, California included three minutes of non-stop yo-yo tricks, skills and frankly absurd moves that would be difficult to even dream up. 

Nagao is apparently quite the dude in yo-yo circles, with the Honolulu native sponsored by a company called YoYoFactory, which produces a signature model Evan Nagao YoYoFactory Edge. 

Listen, if a better yo-yo can get us to do tricks like that, we're all in. Cancel future balloon animal providers, we've got the kids entertainment at the next birthday party on lock. 

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