The 7 must watch games of the NHL season

Hockey fans are in search of the games to choose from the schedule that has been released as they want the experience of enjoying the must-watch games of the season. Our calendars may be packed, but these are the events that we just cannot forgo:

— Blues host Capitals – This is the opening game of the 2019–20 NHL season on Oct. 2, and as the season kicks off, we get to see the Blues as they start their journey to defend the title. Both teams have a lot on the table and formidable as they both are, we are bound to see a game that will be more than interesting.

— Devils host Jets – This Oct. 4 game may just possibly be the debut of Jack Hughes as an above 18 player with a rather formidable record that he has amassed as an Under-18. It will be quite an adjustment to see him as part of the Devils’ team. Of course, the Jets will give them quite a formidable opponent.

— Devils host Rangers – On Oct 17, we can follow up on the continuing Kaapo Kakko and Jack Hughes debate. Perhaps, during this game as we finally see them playing opposite each other. As this is their first meeting, these two drafts are bound to give us some food for thought and a game to keep in our minds; the first game in what will no doubt be many other for the coming years.

— Jets host Flames – It's on Oct. 26, the Jets are hosting the game at the Mosaic Stadium in Regina. As their opponent is from Alberta, they have to be on their toes so that they do not repeat the same mistake of being on the wrong side of a shutout. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch one of the important NHL games this season as it unfolds that day.

— Bruins host Blues – Oct 26 brings a rematch of the last year's NHL Stanley Cup Final. The Boston Bruins will not only be the home team, but they will get the chance to get back at the Blues. Fascinating, especially if such a game is watched live! We will see Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, Alex Pietrangelo; to mention just a few...

— Stars host Predators – It's a New Year outdoor game that we will enjoy on Jan 1 at Cotton Bowl stadium, these two teams will play an outdoor game to get the year off to a refreshing start. With the stadium holding a record attendance of 96,000 let’s hope it keeps the record and all these people have a good game to chat about.

— Rangers host Flyers – On March 1, it will be rather interesting as Kevin Hayes will be there as a visitor having signed a contract for seven years with the Flyers. He had been part of the Rangers team for five seasons before that and he might find the transition confusing. If that is not material for a good game, then what else could be?