Texas coach Tom Herman offers fan excuse from wedding for USC game

Cameron Smith

If there was any question that Tom Herman believes in the grind, it should be answered by his recent personal outreach to a fan who wrote in asking for a letter of recusal from a wedding that conflicts with Texas' matchup with USC. The issue? The wedding is that fan's own nuptuals.

The fan got his note, and Herman got more street cred. Everyone wins again. 

The note in question, as seen above, offered up a direct reply to Trey Laidlaw, who wrote in on behalf of his close friend Payton, who is scheduled to marry his fianceé Amy on Sep. 16. That wedding is not in Los Angeles. Texas is in Los Angeles, to play at USC. Hence the dilemma. 

Herman's solution? Just excuse Payton from the wedding, to be rescheduled later. 

Look, there's no way this happens, but it was a clever joke from the beginning. And, it was an even more clever response from Herman himself. Also worth noting: Check out Herman's response time. The coach got back to the fan within 24 hours. That's no small shakes given the influx of items on his agenda. 

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