Mike Ashley may actually sell Newcastle United

Mike Ashley, the owner of both Sports Direct and Newcastle United, has told Sky Sports that he intends to sell the club he's owned for over a decade. The once beloved leader up in the north has become, without hyperbole, the most hated owner in all of the Premier League since then after proving to be stingy with club funds and unwilling to listen to fans.

The 54-year-old expressed that while he hasn't found a specific suitor, talks surrounding a potential purchase have reached a "more progressed stage than they have ever been."

Of course, we should all take what Ashley says with a metric ton of salt. The mastermind behind the retail giant Sports Direct has made this same claim a number of times in the past without any more news coming later. He started hinting that he wanted out way back in 2014 but didn't actually do much to prove that any actual plans to sell the club in exchange to buy another one were in an advanced stage.

Speaking from a personal perspective and as a fan of a club that has had its fair share of bad owners, I for one hope that Ashley isn't just trying to appease an ever-apathetic fanbase. The Newcastle faithful deserve an owner who will actually put money into the club and challenge for the league title. The Premier League is simply not the same with the black and white.

We will continue to monitor the situation up in Newcastle and will report if and when Mike Ashley pulls through and sells the club for good.