Kevin Durant owned a Twitter troll by acknowledging his own trophy hunt in Oakland

Cameron Smith

Kevin Durant is known to express some pretty unvarnished opinions on social media. One of those takes came Thursday, on the day when his Warriors celebrated their second NBA Finals crown in three years. 

Hours after posting a tweet comparing Allen Iverson with current Cavs star Kyrie Irving — sidenote, a solid and intriguing comparison there by KD — one 'fan' responded by quoting a past tweet from Durant heaping scorn on players joining the Heat and Lakers for a trophy quest. His response? To cast a bit of humor at his own expense: 

This is a touch of class, of course, even if it does highlight Durant's own title-first chase. His willingness to admit that he left Oklahoma City for the best chance to win a title cuts both ways; the honesty is refreshing while the candor also makes one wonder about the long term stability of the NBA outside of a select super team or two in any given era. 

Is that good for the league? Is it bad for basketball? That's a larger debate. What isn't up for debate is Durant's ability to captivate on social media in his own unique way. Follow the entire thread for more of KD being KD on social media, which is something we should all enjoy.

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