Forget the Week 9 letdowns and focus on fantasy football playoffs

Wow. Are we really in Week 10? Are we really closer to fantasy football season ending than starting? Yes and yes. It seems as if we spend all offseason, months and months analyzing what will and won’t happen in fantasy football, then boom it’s Week 10. Before I get into Week 10 let’s recap Week 9: There were plenty of letdowns that likely cost you a win in fantasy this week. Mike Evans: this one hurt especially seeing him get 10 targets. Unfortunately, those 10 targets only led to 1 catch for 16 yards. It was odd, but Evans owners should have nothing to worry about going forward, because Adam Humphries won’t be the Bucs top wide out every week. Anyone think that Adrian Peterson was going to run through the Falcons defense like they were the wind? Yea, well so much for that. The Redskins lost a few starting lineman for the season in addition to ailing left tackle Trent Williams. These factors, as well as Washington falling behind, led to Peterson being a non-factor. If I own Peterson I’m trying to trade him away before the deadline. Lamar Miller was a roll and he had another nice match up against the Broncos, but couldn’t corral it into a good day in fantasy. D’Onta Foreman will return soon, but I don’t think Miller has played himself out of touches just yet.

Make your trades, prepare for injuries and start the right players! The trading deadline in most fantasy football leagues is near and you have to do what’s best for your team. If you’re sitting at 3-6, 5-4, 4-5 and have Antonio Brown for example: Sell high! Get quality depth in multiple spots and let the stud go. You need wins now, so you don’t want to depend on getting points from one player. I know it’s hard to get rid of the guy you used a first or second round draft pick on, almost heart breaking, but it could pay off. If you are fortunate enough to be sitting at the top of your league, you likely did it with a mixture of star players and great depth. You know you can’t start four wide receivers, but maybe someone else could start a guy you have on your bench. Go for the star player and lean on him as you secure your playoff spot and make a run at the championship.

Secure handcuffs for star running backs! Guys like Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley are backed up by Malcolm Brown and Wayne Gallman respectively. You don’t want to lose to a guy starting your handcuff because you didn’t think he was worth the roster spot. Wide receivers don’t have handcuffs by the way, they just have backups.

And, now more than ever, you must START THE RIGHT PLAYERS! That means if a player is better and more consistent, start him. Don’t get cute playing match ups now. Start studs and go out swinging, live and die by them. 


No this section does not include Le’Veon Bell even though he tweeted “Fair well Miami.” Sorry. We're not going there. This section includes a couple of great talents that were physically forced out of action. Welcome back Dalvin Cook! As a football fan, period, how cool was it to see him sprint for 70 yards with the rock? If Cook isn’t 100 percent, he looks pretty damn close. On the fantasy football front, look for Cook to help a great deal going forward. Cook was in for 57.1 percent of the snaps and that number should increase after the bye week once he’s really good to go. We’ve all expected Leonard Fournette to be back in Week 10 and now we are here. If Fournette comes back and is in form, I fully expect him to take over against the Colts. The presence of Carlos Hyde and T.J. Yeldon shouldn’t scare Fournette’s owners. No team needs their best player back more than the Jaguars, so if Fournette is feeling good after a few carries they will certainly roll with him, and you should too. 

And get ready, because fantasy football is about to get real.

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