Did the Colts dodge a bullet by landing Frank Reich?

The Indianapolis Colts coaching search looked like it would be smooth sailing. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the first interviewee, and though other candidates followed, he always seemed to be the favorite. Heck, the Colts even cancelled their interview with now Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks. After a second interview with McDaniels, things seemed all but done, with the Colts even announcing McDaniels as head coach. That's when everything unraveled. McDaniels reneged on his agreement (even after some of his staff had signed contracts) and opted to stay in New England.

Luckily for Indianapolis fans, Colts general manager Chris Ballard, always one to think on his feet, had already arranged interviews in preparation for this exact scenario. The favorite always seemed to be Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, and he was hired (officially). By all accounts, Reich is a great coach, but also a great man. His most recent success story, Carson Wentz, took time to praise Reich. 

As much as Colts fans should be excited about Reich, they may also be excited that they did not get McDaniels. There is a difference between a coach being committed to an opportunity for personal reasons and a coach being committed to leading an organization. Once rumors about his commitment began to surface, and particularly once it became clear said rumors were more than baseless speculation, many Colts fans were already out on McDaniels.

Just as any fan should, Colts fans want a coach who is fully committed to their organization and appreciates the opportunity they have been given. McDaniels did not handle adversity well as head coach while in Denver, and he still clearly has character issues that go beyond football.

Meanwhile, Reich was not interviewed for any head coach jobs because (allegedly) he did not want to distract from a playoff run. And in Indianapolis they can finally rest assured they have a leader who is very excited to be there. But don't listen to us. Take it from the person Colts fans should trust the most: 

“Frank has got a lot of football knowledge, He is a tireless worker. He is a grinder. He is a guy that is going to be over there late at night... I like that. I like a guy that is constantly got football on his mind and thinking about helping me. I am grateful for that kind of effort. I lean on Frank. I ask him a lot of questions and he is very comforting to me," said Peyton Manning.