Bad Quote Bedlam: Notre Dame's Brian Kelly is getting snippy, and very semantic

We recognize that one point is not directly synonymous with one possession, but that is not the point. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly being snippy with a perfectly reasonable media question is.

Look, we get it. Kelly is coming off a 5-7 season, his worst at Notre Dame. And that was a team predicted to finish in the Top-10. This year's group isn't, but it has talent, and it fell in its first major test of the season, at home against Georgia, in a game where Georgia fans absolutely invaded South Bend and made it a de facto home game for the Bulldogs. 

Overall, Notre Dame did a great job containing Georgia running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel ... and still lost. By a point. Which is precisely why Kelly was in an especially ornery mood and didn't want to give a question from Indianapolis Star reporter Laken Litman (who, to be fair, rambled a bit) the legitimate consideration it deserved. 

Here's the audio you're waiting for: 

And here's the part that you can't tell just from the audio and that one-way visual: The worst part about Kelly's tirade, and particularly his body language, is the way that he demeaned Litman. Because this is what Litman looks like: 

Litman is a young, petite, attractive and, most importantly, talented journalist. She gets football — she graduated from Alabama, after all — and she does a genuinely good job covering the Notre Dame beat. She doesn't deserve to be trod on by Brian Kelly just because he's pissed off that his team lost a nail-biter. These things happen; he just has to deal with them. 

In fact, if he doesn't deal with them more appropriately — or, better yet, win and not have to deal with such unpleasant questions at all — then Kelly may very well not have to worry about any questions in the future. There are two things the almighty Notre Dame boosters don't take kindly to: losing and a lack of decorum. Lately, Kelly has had too much of both.