Are the Cavaliers now the best team in the East?

On Sunday, the Boston Celtics had their Paul Pierce jersey retirement ceremony when they faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers. While Boston was excited for another legend to get his jersey in the rafters, LeBron James and the new looking Cavaliers were looking to win. This was the first game for the players they got at the trade deadline and they flourished. Cleveland blew out the Celtics in the TD Garden and established that they are still the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

While the game was just a small sample size, Cleveland played phenomenal and showed what kind of team it can potentially be. They have more athleticism, speed, and most importantly energy. Each of the new players are playing on a bigger stage an being able to showcase their skills. They showed that when they play on a bigger stage, with better teammates and a star like LeBron James, they can be incredible.

After this big win, the Cavaliers proved once again that nobody in the East can beat it in a series of seven. The Celtics are talented and play great defense, but they lack the offensive firepower and depth to match the Cavaliers. Think about if Kyrie Irving is having an off night, who can carry the scoring load? The Cavaliers have shown they have plenty of options to go to if somebody is off one night.

Lastly, the Cavaliers are finally back to the style of play that they’ve been most successful in. They have their leader in LeBron James and everybody else plays off him. Players like Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, Kyle Korver, and George Hill all play better off a star player which makes this a perfect match. Every player has a role and each player plays that role well while their star LeBron James leads the way to victory. If somebody in the East wants to face the Warriors in the finals, they have to go through the Cavaliers first.