An Australian thoroughbred named 'Horsey McHorseface' won a real, honest-to-goodness race

When the British public voted to name a scientific research vessel "HMS Boaty McBoatface," the British government eventually intervened and overturned the decision. That inspired an Australian thoroughbred owner to name a young colt "Horsey McHorseface" in an attempt to capture public fascination and support. It worked, and now Horsey McHorseface is a winner. Get on board, because the world's favorite thoroughbred is picking up steam.

As reported across ye olde internets, Horsey McHorseface captured it's maiden raise at Cessnock, winning the $20,000 Arthur Thompson Memorial Maiden Plate. The financial reward for the victory was far less significant than the fact that it happened at all for the Bjorn Baker racing product.

 Naturally, that is a face that anyone could love, not just a mother or a trainer. That he's named Horsey McHorseface only  makes it easier. Here's hoping we see him rise all the way up to the Breeder's Cup (at least in our dreams).